Jounin Exam Guide

Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part 1

Part of this is a test of memory. You will be asked to memorizeand correctly guess the seals of the 10 kinds of ninjutsu. You’ll fallif you guess wrong more than 3 times.
Recommended for use screen capture program.


Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part 2

TIPS: use the scroll with fairly, and leave you scroll to the nextopponent, possibly with the use of scroll like this:
3 scroll to Kiyoshi,
Scroll to 5-7 cents ryo,
80-10 scroll to Takeshi,
2 Scroll to clone you.
And before defeating Takeshi would be better to replace yourweapon with the weapon kunai, because it will make a clone that will be your opponents can be defeated more easily.


1. Kiyoshi

This is opposed to the water element users, you must be carefulwith his bundle water attacks.
He uses jutsunya with this order,
#. Restrict (200 damage and lead to restrict for 2 turn)
#. Shark rain (275-450 damage)
#. Water dragon missile (200-350 damage)
#. Dual cut with 2x attack (60-110 damage per attack)
#. When HP was already a half, he would use water jutsu to healheal for 1500, and 2250 as critical.
Tip: use moves that give negative effects to the opponent,because unlike ninja air-water elements that can remove Purify,Purify does not seem to ever come out.
And also to offset heal your opponent, try to damage you can get through 1500

2. Sen Ryo

This is a ninja opponent had the element of fire and wind.
He uses jutsunya with this order,
#. Dual Fire Toad (300-500 damage)
#. Wind helix (275-425 damage and causes bleeding of 25% for 1-2 turn)
#. Toad summon (300-500 damage and causes stun for 1 turn)
#. Red spike (200-325 damage)
#. Red whip (150-250 damage)
opponent is very fast and dodge that often arise.
Tips is the same as the first opponent as often as possible using a step that has a negative effect, and always keep your HP.

3. Tekashi

This opponent has a moment with a very big damage.
He uses jutsunya with this order,
#. Conductive body (consentration 4 or 5 turn)
#. Shadow clone spear (600 damage)
#. Lightning Dragon spear (600 damage and causes stun for 3trun)
#. Four spear strike (500-700 damage)
#. Melee attact (170-300 damage)
This opponent is the opponent with the greatest damage, if you are exposed for 3 turn stunnya stance and without preparation,then you will lose.
Tips are always made ​​his opponent was exposed to negativeeffects, and do not let you hit stunnya stance, and also alwayskeep your phone, let alone fit his stun moves hit, you will not have any hope HP is without adequate preparation.

4. Clone Ninja

You will fight with your ninja clone .I can’t help much, because only you know about your ninja.


Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part 3

In part 3 we are asked to find and open the fourth seal is hiddenin the woods.

Finding the seal
In search 4 this seal, we will find some enemies, you can fight it or not.
Each managed to break the seal, do not forget to report back toShin before looking for the next seal.
Place seal:
#. The first seal: the north corner
#. The second seal: east corner
#. The third seal: the southern corner
#. The fourth seal: western corner

3. unseal
to open the seals there are 6 runes which will be combined.
#. Green circle: the number of figures that show the color andposition of the correct runes
#. Orange circle: the number of figures that show the correct colorbut wrong position runes
first find where the correct runes and runes from wrong based ongreen and orange circle, after which the runes know the right and wrong, determine its position is.


Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part 4

Jounin exam part 4 of this you will be faced with three opponentslevel 50 which each have a different element and can bealternated.

Your ability to become a team leader will be tested fully in theJounin exam part 4 of this, the Jounin exam part 4 of this you andyour team should be able to defeat all three shikigami andsurvived the battle, if one of you or your team is killed, then themission is considered to fail.
Fortunately the Jounin exam part 4 of this you can control yourteam members, you have to do is make the best combination ofmoves with your team.

Your team should recruit a berelemen water and wind, in order tododge mengheal and have a great value.
Always note the color of what appears on the circle between youand your opponent, the color that appears in the circle that showswhere shikigami
you have to attack and which ones do you shikigami attack.

If that appears on a colored circle:

#. Red: the shikigami the berelemen fire damage and will have a stronger defense, while the berelemen shikigami wind damageand will have a weaker defense.

#. Purple: the shikigami the berelemen electrical damage and willhave a stronger defense, while the berelemen shikigami waterdamage and will have a weaker defense.

#. Blue: the shikigami the berelemen water damage and will havea stronger defense, while the berelemen shikigami fire damageand will have a weaker defense.

#. Chocolate: the shikigami the berelemen soil damage and willhave a stronger defense, while the berelemen shikigami lightningdamage and will have a weaker defense.

#. Green: the shikigami the berelemen wind damage and willhave a stronger defense, while the berelemen shikigami damageand soil will have a weaker defense.

So, adjust shikigami which one is better shikigami attacked andwhich one is better not to be attacked to get maximum results.However, if you can also give negative effects, like stun, sleep,restriction to the berelemen shikigami matches the color of thecircle of the seal, because the berelemen shikigami matches the color of the circle of his damage will increase to be greater, withnegative effects on the will reduce the chance shikigami attackingyou and your team with a great attack.


Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part 5

In this part we have to beat three opponents at once, which is a dragon level 70 and 2 opposed to level 60.

Use the skills that reduce HP’s opponent in percentages, such ashellfire, poison, burn to reduce HP’s opponent, especially on the dragon.

At HP dragon half, immediately prepare yourself with to heal yourHP, because the two opponents level 60 will soon come to help the dragons.

You do not need to kill two level 60 opponent, because if you succeed in killing the dragon, then you will automatically win and become a Jounin.
So Focus your attacks on the dragon, while the second level 60opponent was given a negative status such as sleep, stun,restriction, etc. considering the damage they are great.



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